Will - other uses

Older textbooks often refer to 'will' as 'the future tense' and this has confused a lot of learners.

It is important to remember that when we talk about the future we cannot always use 'will' and that when we use 'will' we are not always talking about the future.

Here 'will' is clearly referring to the future.

In these examples, however, 'will' is referring to events happening at the present.

When we use 'will' referring to the present, the idea being expressed is usually one of 'showing willingness' or 'will power'.

We use 'will' for requests, orders, invitations and offers.

We use 'will' to make promises or threats.

We use 'will' for habit.

We use 'will' for deduction.

Look again at all of these examples of 'will'. They are all to do with the present or are 'timeless'.

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